Training Globe


HCMG Training Department

To some, we are your first formal introduction to the Houston Chronicle company and for others we are the wealth of knowledge and resourceful guide of the company providing you with a mountain of information. We are a small department of five but we can do a lot with a little. We’ve practically coined the term of turning lemons into lemonade.

Who, what, when, where training3

Our department handles all things regarding new hires from their first interview to their very first day on the job.  We even offer two weeks of print and digital training where our new hires will indulge in an intense lesson in Salesforce and an examination for Google AdWords certification. We strive to create a onboarding experience for our new hires that is informative and beneficial to their growth.

training dept

Here in the training department, we are always putting our heads together to think of how we can continuously be better. We want employees to feel like they can relay on us for internal support.

We’re always here to help!


Your Houston Chronicle Training Department

Michelle James — Digital Training Development Manager

Ben Rubio — Training Manager

Cynthia Boase — Training & Talent Development Coordinator


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