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Monica LibanMonica LibanExecutive Director of Training & Talent Development

Mantra: “Produce more than you consume” – Monica Liban

Favorites:  Babies, gardens and books with no particular favorite author

Years of experience:  17 years in the newspaper business

Years @ Chron:  July 2012 – 16 months

What people don’t know about me:  I was voted class clown my senior year of high school.  I attended the same high school as my father & grandfather.

Let’s connect  Monica Liban

Vic Collins —  RecruiterVic Collins

Mantra: (TCB) Taking Care of Business

Favorites: Beaches

Years of experience:  20+

Years @ Chron: 3 years

What people don’t know about me: I worship the sun.

Let’s connect Vic Collins

Ben RubioBen RubioTraining Manager

Mantra:  “Work hard, stay humble”

Favorites:  Traveling out of the country, shopping & spending time with loved ones.

Years of experience:  12 years

Years @ Chron: 16 months

What people don’t know about me:  I travel out of the country more than once a year!

Let’s connect   Ben Rubio

Michelle James — Digital Training Development Manager

Mantra: “The only thing that stays the same is change.”

Favorites: Great local restaurants, a clean house (Which is rare with 2 teens and 3 dogs.), and the perfect outfit.

Years of Experience:  17 +

Years @ Chron:  1 week

What people don’t know about me: Anything…yet!!! 

Let’s connect   Michelle James


Roshanda HoschRoshanda Hosch — Training Coordinator

Mantra:  If you stumble, make it a part of the dance.

Favorites: Movies, quality time with friends & fam, beautiful scenery (Hermann Park), concerts, music and loves to dance

Years of experience: 2 years in communications field

Years @ Chron: Collectively… 14 months 🙂

What people don’t know about me: I’m an introverted extrovert!  Don’t know what that means, just ask!

Let’s connect   Roshanda Hosch






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