All training classes & times can be found on Inside Edition.

Digital Training

Our digital training will cover which places people can advertise digitally within the Hearst Umbrella and all the products that we have to offer. Those places include, Houston, &

Google AdWords

We also offer a full day of Google AdWords training with the opportunity for certification. Google AdWords is a type of advertising also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or PPC (Pay per click advertising).


Contact Michelle James for Google AdWord Training

Michelle James 713-362-6424 |


Print Training

With the HCMG’s 3 year strategic plan to increase revenue as the guide, new hires are introduced to the tent poles:  La Voz, Health Zone, Style, Fuel fix, Digital and Training/Development. This exposure provides info on Ad Notes, Spadea’s, Poly Bags and other ‘out of the box’ ad innovations. Session ends with a review of prints rate cards and the Regional Rate Calculator.

Salesforce Training

salesforce-com-logoSales Reps are introduced to our Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool , Salesforce, through a series of online videos, course discussions and hands-on training. Discussions include how Salesforce houses advertiser and prospect data, how rep activities and proposals are tracked, how opportunities are logged and reported. The need for 100% adoption by all departments is emphasized.

Salesforce Content Tab

Content Tab

Contact Ben Rubio for Salesforce Training

Ben Rubio 713-362-6047 |

Training classes & times can be found on Inside Edition under the Advertising Training Calendar.

All training is open to new and current employees.


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