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HCMG Training Department

Our training department handles all things related to the sales initiatives, new hire set up and digital/print training.  Here is an overview of what we do in the training department.

  • Sales initiatives
  • New Hire Request Forms
  • Mileage & Telecommunications
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Print & Digital Training
  • Room Reservations
We’re located on the 2nd floor by the two elevators.

Sales Initiatives

Any changes or training needed for Salesforce is facilitated through our department.  We also collaborate with the human resources department to ensure our recruitment, onboarding and trainings are HR compliant.  Our very own executive director, Monica Liban, coordinates sales initiative, facilitates special trainings, collaborates with human resources and is the Salesforce project owner.  For more information on sales initiatives, please contact monica.liban@chron.com.

New Hire Request Forms

A new hire request form is given to a manager to fill out and return to training coordinator, Roshanda Hosch, only after a manager’s new hire has been screened, cleared and has accepted an offer.  The purpose of this form is to set up new hires with proper equipment, software, and access to CRM programs such as Salesforce and/or Tactician.  When this form is processed, IT is hard at work fulfilling every request marked on the form.  This form is essential to creating your new hire’s working environment. Managers are encouraged to send this form back four days prior to their new hire’s schedule arrival date.

Contact roshanda.hosch@chron.com for new hire request forms.

Mileage and Telecommunications Forms

If a manager has hired an outside sales representative, they will need to sign a mileage reimbursement form and a telecommunications allowance form selecting the reimbursement amount their new hire is to receive.  Please send a request to roshanda.hosch@chron.com for mileage or telecommunication forms.

New Hire Onboarding

New hires will meet with Janice Washington in our human resources department upon arrival to fill out necessary paperwork to begin employment.  During our Monday morning onboard, new hires will learn about the history of Hearst, employee benefits and receive their employee badge.  Our recruiter, Vic Collins, will guide new hires in setting up their Single Sign On that will give them access to paychecks, take them on a tour of the building and handle any inquires or concerns for our new hires.  As an added bonus, lunch is on us the very first onboarding Monday!  New Hires will also have the opportunity to meet with our Chairman of the Board, Jack Sweeney as a part of the Houston Chronicle employment engagement initiative.  For more information regarding internal job listings, transfers or referrals, please contact our recruiter vic.collins@chron.com.

Print & Digital Training

The training department offers a full week of print and digital training for new hires during their onboarding as well as an opportunity for current employees to stay up to date with our newest products and trainings.  The print and digital training schedule can be found on Inside Edition.  For more information about training classes, please contact training manager ben.rubio@chron.com or digital training development manager michelle.james@chron.com.

Room Reservations

The following rooms may be reserved through the training department.

  • 2nd floor conference room
  • 8th floor media room
  • 8th floor east/west training room
  • 8th floor computer room

Please see list below for room reservation information.

Conference RM


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